Dalia Milan was born and raised in Arizona. Dalia’s parents, John and Elli Milan, own an art school called, Milan Art Institute. Growing up with both of her parents and two older sisters as successful artists, she was always surrounded by art. Being in this environment, she always felt the urge to paint and was naturally creative.

Scott Breton is a figurative fine artist from Brisbane, Australia. After completing a science degree (BSc (Genetics) University of Queensland) and contemplating a career in biotechnology, Scott committed fully to pursuing art, continuing a classically leaning arts education and practise begun much earlier.

Melissa Burghardt is a fine artist from the Netherlands. After graduating as a Product Designer she went to America to follow her dream, cross boundaries and learn about fine arts. She has been drawing ever since she was young, and quickly improved her skills and the quality of her paintings in more recent years.