Sarah Fecteau is a Quebec artist born in Thetford Mines on August 24th 1983. As a young girl, Sarah developed a passion for drawing and a dedication to detail that would characterize her work throughout her career. She became highly influenced by the American hyperrealism movement began experimenting with acrylics in that style.

Lluis Ribas was born on December 28, 1949, in Masnou, Spain, a coastal town in the Maresme district near Barcelona. Ribas spent hours on the beach tracing his first drawings in the sand. His mother dreamed of a life for him that would be less difficult than that of a fisherman. At nine years of age he began studying drawing and painting with Jose Maris Martinez.

Artsrun Sanasari Asatryan (1993) is an Armenian artist. He graduated from the Yerevan Academy of Fine Arts. Artsrun has chosen to work in the Cubist style. His favorite subjects are mountain landscapes (Artsrun lives in Spitak, a small mountain town) and female images. In Artsrun art, women are a symbol of purity, clarity and truth.