The website was created in early 2018 and has been a non-profit, non-commercial website from the very beginning. (If you want to know more about me, click here). I made the website out of love for art and philosophy thus, I have maintained it over the years without commercialization and without corporate interventions to the website. Otherwise, the operating costs with the website increases with the size of the website and the higher volume of traffic. I bear all costs with the website myself, so any donation is welcome.

  • If the donor wishes, I can publish his/her name or their website address below after a successful donation. All donors are listed on this page below, if they wish, to have their name or website published.


  • Donations can be made anonymous. If you want me to publish your name or website address, please let me know your name or website address you want me to publish, and I will post it below once the donation is made. I do not accept any type of guest posting.

The Gallerist - Donors



Below are the names of those who have contributed to the preservation of this page and have agreed to have their names published. Thank you very much.

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