Gyuri Lohmuller Painting

Gyuri Lohmuller

Born in Gataia, Romania, Gyuri Lohmuller followed an industrial training at the Technological High School and then had various jobs, among which he was a technician physiotherapist EEG at the Psychiatric Hospital in Gataia. In 1990 he devoted himself entirely to painting.

Martina Hoffmann Painting

Martina Hoffmann

German-born, Martina Hoffmann partially grew up in Cameroon, West Africa. She studied art education with Professor Kiefer (father of Anselm Kiefer) and sculpting with Professor Spelmann at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt/Main, Germany.

Piotr Topolski Painting

Piotr Topolski

Piotr Topolski was born in 1960 in Kielce. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. He specializes in painting oil portraits. The artist creatively draws upon the traditional painting style of the Old Masters.

Vladimir Kush Painting

Vladimir Kush

Vladimir Kush is a founder of Metaphorical Realism. He is the first artist to popularize visual metaphor as his method of creation. The art of Vladimir Kush, reverses the destructive forces of abstractionism, brings back a wholesome perception of the world around us, and celebrates the life affirming principles of faith, hope, and love.

Jan Szczepkowski Painting

Jan Szczepkowski

Jan Szczepkowski’s artistic language is based in figuration. The award-winning Polish painter finds his inspiration in old photographs and combines eras to create a new story. The world in Szczepkowski’s paintings is a world apart, something keeps us away from it. It is populated by individuals who, although realistically presented and not exactly imaginary, seem strange.

Fidel Molina Painting @

Fidel Molina

Fidel Molina was born in Madrid on July 3, 1971. As the son of a painter, he grew up among the brushes, oils and tools of his father, Luis Molina. His interest in painting and creativity led him to study Fine Arts at the Complutense University of Madrid, where he graduated with a degree in Design.

Emelie Jegerings Painting

Emelie Jegerings

Emelie Jegerings was born in The Netherlands in 1964. She started her creative career in fashion. After her training at the” Vrije Academie” in her hometown she developed herself in the art of in school art. She became fascinated by the ephemerality: weathered walls with bursts and lost patina.

Philippe Vignal Painting

Philippe Vignal

Philippe Vignal, French artist born in Mozambique, draws his inspiration from his childhood memories steeped by faces of women and men, powerful, wild and proud. On a canvas stretched as leather, black color covers the entire frame. And then, brushstrokes of white bring out forms and lights, strength and sensuality! A perfectionist work that highlights details, shadows and lights, the faces and bodies seem almost alive.

Kirsten Todd Painting

Kirsten Todd

Brush in hand since a child, Lancashire (England) artist born and bred, Kirsten studied art and gained a degree in graphic design pursuing a career in design for 25 years, whilst continuing to paint. Painting is her passion and her purpose and she is now concentrating fully on painting professionally. Specialising in portraits and abstracts, Kirsten works mainly in acrylics and tries to capture, vibrancy, energy, strength, balance and beauty within her work.

Shirin Donia Artwork

Shirin Donia

Shirin Donia is an emerging German painter who has exhibited her work throughout Frankfurt. Considering herself as an “accountant” artist, she views reliability, punctuality and strategic execution of projects as essential.