Tania Wursig Painting

Tania Wursig

Australian born artist Tania Wursig is of European heritage and has been based in both Sydney and Tahiti for the past decade. Primarily a figurative and portrait painter, Wursig’s work can best be described as a celebration of life, nature and the ‘feminine’. Her paintings are imbued with strong cultural influences inspired by her travels and her exposure to the Tahitian people and traditions.

Melissa Burghardt Painting

Melissa Burghardt

Melissa Burghardt is a fine artist from the Netherlands. After graduating as a Product Designer she went to America to follow her dream, cross boundaries and learn about fine arts. She has been drawing ever since she was young, and quickly improved her skills and the quality of her paintings in more recent years.

Scott Breton Painting

Scott Breton

Scott Breton is a figurative fine artist from Brisbane, Australia. After completing a science degree (BSc (Genetics) University of Queensland) and contemplating a career in biotechnology, Scott committed fully to pursuing art, continuing a classically leaning arts education and practise begun much earlier.

Rajasekharan Parameswaran Painting

Rajasekharan Parameswaran

Rajasekharan Parameswaran (born 1964), also known as Marthandam Rajasekharan, is an Indian art director and self-taught painter from Tamil Nadu. He holds The guinness World Record and Limca Book of Records for Largest hand painted Easel.

Dalia Milan Painting @ TheGallerist.art

Dalia Milan

Dalia Milan was born and raised in Arizona. Dalia’s parents, John and Elli Milan, own an art school called, Milan Art Institute. Growing up with both of her parents and two older sisters as successful artists, she was always surrounded by art. Being in this environment, she always felt the urge to paint and was naturally creative.

Marlina Vera Painting

Marlina Vera

Marlina Vera is a Latin American artist born in Guayaquil Ecuador. Studied Interior Design at Universidad Laica Vicente Rocafuerte. At the age of 20, she moved to New York City where she studied Textile and Surface Design and Art at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Also took sculpture classes at the Art Student League.

Ho Ryon Lee 이호련 Painting

Ho Ryon Lee 이호련

Ho Ryon Lee 이호련is a Korean Postwar & Contemporary painter who was born in 1978. Horyon Lee creates fetishized images of women’s bodies, revealed through lifted or taken down skirts. He reflects different positions between men who are tempted and women who tempt as a symbolical expression of eroticism. The women in the painting, who are the object of desire, are presented as exhibitionists who explicitly expose their femininity regardless of voyeurs. The overlapping images create a dynamic impression, as if they were moving.

Lee Me Kyeoung Painting

Lee Me Kyeoung

Lee Me Kyeoung is an artist Born in 1970 in Chungbuk, Korea. She sees beauty even in mundane everyday objects. Her sketches of local convenience stores are a charming and skillful take on what other people might miss out. Lee has been documenting these little corner shops for the past 20 years. “There were not many things to see and play like these days,” says the artist about her youth. “But there was a time when I was happy to have a coin in my hands and run to a shop and hang out with friends gathered in front of it.”

Thomas Saliot Painting

Thomas Saliot

Thomas Saliot has been painting and traveling for the last 20 years. Thomas describes his work by saying, “I work ‘free hand’ from photos I find all over the web. It is a bit in the spirit of a blog where I use iconic images like snapshot of our centuries ”.

Sabrina Seck Painting

Sabrina Seck

Sabrina Seck was born in 1979, in Germany. Her works have been exhibited in Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Spain. She has worked with a variety of materials over the years, including paints, varnishes, and pastes, constantly looking for the stylistic self-realization.