Nathan Miller Painting

Nathan Miller

Nathan Miller’s journey began as a child. He enjoyed drawing animals, people, dragons and dinosaurs. The Florida native was always known as the artist in the classroom. At the age of 15, he moved to Jerusalem, Israel, because of his father’s work. During his high school years, Nathan traveled to Kenya and Uganda, which would influence his art for years to come.

Jon Ching Painting

Jon Ching

Jon Ching is a self-trained artist originally from Kaneohe, Hawaii and currently lives and works in Los Angeles, California. Steeped in the natural beauty of O’ahu, Hawai’i, his island upbringing instilled in him indigenous lessons of appreciation and respect for nature, forming the foundation of his fascination with the natural and wild world, which deeply influences and drives his work.

Alejandro DeCinti Painting

Alejandro DeCinti

Alejandro DeCinti is a Chilean-Italian painter, graduate of the University of Fine Arts in Chile. He has lived in Spain since 2001. He is admitted to the Faculty of Arts of the University of Chile, being awarded the Academic Excellence Scholarship in the 1991 admission process to Chilean universities.

Luis E Toledo Painting

Luis E Toledo

Born in Santa Clara, Villa Clara Cuba in October, 1989. “ My work opens a door to a dreamlike world, magical, idyllic, where I create a parallel universe, a personal reflection of reality. Not satisfied by the world we live in, I create a surreal refuge that helps me face everyday life.” – Luis E Toledo

Olivier Lamboray Painting

Olivier Lamboray

Internationally award-winning, Olivier Lamboray (1968) is a Belgian Surrealist painter who currently lives in Germany. He has been painting since 1992 and has had many successful exhibitions in Belgium, USA, Monaco, Australia, Italy, England, Germany, France, Thailand, The Netherlands, Indonesia, and Guinea.

Istvan Cene Gal Painting

Istvan Cene Gal

István Cene gál was born in 1969 in Salgótarján, Hungary. He studied artistic drawing under the guidance of first Ödön Iványi, then Péter Földi. He also studied art history in a course led by Professor Dr. Lajos Végvári at the Association of Art in Miskolc. He got his degree at the College Department of the university DOTE EU.

Leigh Hooker Painting

Leigh Hooker

Leigh Hooker is an Australian Artist bringing life to her canvas exploring dimensions of experience both cultural and emotional. “I bring to my canvases a life of seeking. Exploring dimensions of experience both cultural and emotional. This has melded into an intuitive style of painting. My life was grounded in family as a wife and mother of five. Always continuing my painting and studies. Now the joy is in the unparalleled power of art to express that inner calling I’ve had all my life really”. – Leigh Hooker

Artsrun Asatryan Painting

Artsrun Asatryan

Artsrun Sanasari Asatryan (1993) is an Armenian artist. He graduated from the Yerevan Academy of Fine Arts. Artsrun has chosen to work in the Cubist style. His favorite subjects are mountain landscapes (Artsrun lives in Spitak, a small mountain town) and female images. In Artsrun art, women are a symbol of purity, clarity and truth.

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