Marcin Mikolajczak is a contemporary Polish artist. He began his adventure with painting by creating realistic prints of London. Living in England and observing the life of the great city “from the inside”, he brilliantly showed the image of centuries-old monuments and monuments woven into the rhythm of everyday life.

Have you ever wondered whether our existence is cyclical or linear? It’s an interesting question that our ancestors have also pondered, with answers coming from all over the world and from all cultures. This article is about a couple of well-known cultures that have perceived existence as cyclical.

Janet Knight is an established Melbourne-based professional artist with works secured by international and Australian collectors. With painting experience of over 25 years, Janet graduated from Ballarat University majoring in graphic design. Janet’s current works are an indication of her dedication to her passion and her field.

California native, Mark Henson has been a full-time artist all his life. A graduate of the University of California, Davis, 1973, Mark is an oil painter who also works digitally and proficiently in wood and metal. Exhibited internationally and throughout the internet, Mark has also partnered in cooperative galleries.