Paintings by Alejandro DeCinti

Alejandro DeCinti Painting Chilean-Italian painter, graduate in Fine Arts University of Chile. Established in Spain since 2001.

Alejandro DeCinti is a Chilean-Italian painter, graduate of the University of Fine Arts in Chile. He has lived in Spain since 2001. He is admitted to the Faculty of Arts of the University of Chile, being awarded the Academic Excellence Scholarship in the 1991 admission process to Chilean universities.

First place in the “Arte en Vivo” painting competition in 1994 and awarded a Post-graduate scholarship from the Foundation Arte y Autores Contemporáneos, Madrid, Spain. Together with the Chilean artist Oscar Villalón, he founds the Decinti Villalón Painting Studio based at Calle del Castillo, Chamberí, Madrid where they give painting classes and strive to actively promote painting.