Paintings by Anatoly Metlan

Anatoly Metlan painting Anatoly Metlan eagerly explores the world, and like the Impressionist artists he admires, he portrays the light, mood, and emotions behind his journeys onto the canvas.

Anatoly Metlan was born in 1964 in Yalta, a city in southern Ukraine on the northern coast of the Black Sea. As the son of artistic parents, Metlan’s creativity was fostered at a young age. He pursued a formal education to hone his artistic skills, graduating from the local arts high school in 1985 and later attending the Krivoi Rog University in Ukraine.

While in college, Metlan began exhibiting his work and soon gained recognition among members of the local art community. The Artists Guild of the Ukraine accepted him as a member in 1989. After the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, Metlan and his family immigrated to Israel where they continue to live today.