Andrzej Malinowski paintings

Paintings by Andrzej Malinowski

Andrzej Malinowski was born in Warsaw, Poland. Born into a modest family, he spent his childhood in a post-war climate tinted by dark grey and red flags. Feeling trapped on all sides he looked for a light, far ahead.

This light at the end of the tunnel revealed itself as the “ideal of beauty” and he set upon on a frantic quest towards it. He read anything that fell into his hands. Deep in his heart he collected rare snatches of beautiful music heard on the radio. Lucky enough to have access to musical instruments thanks to his stringed-instrument making grandfather, he strummed wood and strings. However beyond all this he was offered a wonderful world of images and absorbed, like a vacuum, everything that passed before his eyes: paintings in local churches (a maternal influence), images of communist propaganda from his father’s side, and rare memories of museums…

All of this was a permanent enchantment without any external filter or value system; and with each discovery a new world opened up to him. Gradually this charmed child grew to think he too could be an “enchanter”, and attempted sketches and watercolours. To his great surprise these delighted those close to him, and he began to perfect his burgeoning talent, dazzled by hopes of an artistic career.

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