Paintings by Dixie Miguez

Dixie Miguez Painting Dixie Miguez Painting @

Dixie Miguez, based in Florida, creates fine art paintings celebrating the culture and colors of Cuba. Inspired by his childhood in San Juan de los Remedios, his work can help you add vibrant energy and a touch of abstract vibes to your space.

” My artworks are typically done with oil colors on stretched canvas and represent the everyday life of the country side and small towns of central Cuba. The art represents my childhood in San Juan de los Remedios, a small town in Villa Clara, central providence of Cuba and the experiences and events archived in my mind through the years I lived in Cuba. The subjects and themes may vary but the essence of my art is the same, Cuba in a context of surrealism. On the paintings I represent scenes of the everyday life in my hometown surrounded by the local culture and architectural elements from a surrealism point of view. ” – Dixie Miguez