Paintings by Francesco Capello

Francesco Capello painting Francesco Capello was born in Chivasso (TO) on 11 February, 1944.

Francesco Capello was born in Chivasso (TO) on 11 February, 1944. After the maturità artistica ( Advanced Level or high school graduation, with specialization in Art), he became a pupil of Francesco Menzio and Enrico Paulucci at the Academy of Belles Arts in Turin, where he gained a diploma and was awarded the prize reserved for the best students.

From 1970 to1973 he was a teacher of ‘Painting Disciplines’ at the Artistic High School “Arturo Martini” in Savona and, until 1994, at the Primo Liceo Artistico (Primo Artistic High School) in Turin. He was always interested in the painting of images and after various explorations in the figurative field, in the early seventies he completely rethought his realistic technique, in order to make his treatment of subjects related to contemporary society more penetrating.

In this decade he unconsciously developed his work in the direction of American Hyper-realism. His first one-man show was in 1967 at the Galleria Civica Palazzo Centori, Vercelli, after which numerous one-man and collective exhibitions made him known in Italy and abroad. After a series of prestigious exhibitions in the United States and Europe, in 1999 he held a one-man show in the Hall of the Columns in the Valentino Castle in Turin, at one time the royal residence and now the seat of the Faculty of Architecture.

In 2002 he exhibited in Munich, in the famous halls of the Metropole Palace in an exhibition organized by the Rotary Club and under the patronage of the Hereditary Prince of Munich.