Hernan Javier Muñoz painting

Paintings by Hernan Javier Muñoz

Hernán Javier Muñoz has been living from his art for about four years when he decided to leave everything for painting. Before he was a technician in computers and computer networks. Luckily, one day he changed his course and now he can enjoy this artistic career.

He was born in Argentina (April 5, 1983) from a middle-class family in a neighborhood called ‘Mataderos’ that remains in Buenos Aires in the Federal Capital. It is located in the central-eastern region of the country, on the western bank of the Río de la Plata, in the middle of the Pampas plain, in South America.

His childhood was simple and humble, he attended a state elementary school and with friends spent his afternoons playing soccer in the fields. “You have to imagine that there were no cell phones, tablets or anything that children have today, so all I liked to do was get together to play soccer,” Muñoz adds.

Hernán Javier Muñoz has barely appeared in any contest or particular event. He paints for private collectors and galleries around the world and has been interviewed for several magazines and books such as “Master of Painting” by Artgalaxie, “Ophelia” -magazine that interviews great Masters from around the world, “Of the Great Art” in Chile, “Gulfshore Life” -a prestigious magazine from Florida, United States and the gallery “CLATIA” in China.

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Reincarnation and Plato

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Reincarnation and ancient Greeks
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