Kay Boyce Painting

Paintings by Kay Boyce

Kay Boyce’s passion for drawing began as a child in her home town of Sheffield (England), spending hours at a time developing her illustrative skills on the backs of rolls of wallpaper.

Having studied illustration at Wrexham College, Kay started her career as a Freelance Illustrator producing editorial work for Women’s Weekly, Bella, My Weekly, the Sunday Express and Woman’s Own. The high standard of Kay’s illustrative work carried her through to major book publishers such as Hodder and Staughton, Wadsworth Romantic’s, Mills and Boon and Mandarin.

Kay’s career as an artist has flourished; her magnificent oils, pastel and pencil drawings have become instantly recognisable. Her work has graced private collections for many years and she is now firmly established as a leading figurative artist. However, Kay’s true vocation has always been as an artist and her career has flourished with an instantly recognisable style in her magnificent oils, pastels and pencil drawings. With a love of antique clothes and fabrics and her training as a Ballet and Contemporary Dancer, this has reflected in the delicate, detailed artistry of her work and an insight into her subject matter. Her style appeals to both men and women alike and now graces a number of private collections.

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