Paintings by Martina Hoffmann

Martina Hoffmann Painting Her paintings offer the viewer a detailed glimpse into her inner landscapes - imagery that has been inspired by expanded states of consciousness.

German-born, Martina Hoffmann partially grew up in Cameroon, West Africa. She studied art education with Professor Kiefer (father of Anselm Kiefer) and sculpting with Professor Spelmann at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt/Main, Germany.

During this time she also met the Fantastic Realist, Robert Venosa, and greatly inspired by his work, began her work as a painter. During their 30 year relationship they closely worked together, taught workshops worldwide and shared studios, both in the US as well as in Europe. Today Martina Hoffmann works as a painter and sculptress and remains a central figure in contemporary Visionary Art.

“ Paintings may function as mirrors reflecting the individual viewers consciousness. With deeper introspective they may also function as portals to the more subtle and intuitive states of our existence. As artists we bravely bare our soul to the world and create maps into our inner landscapes.

My work is an attempt to portray spirit as the one universal force beyond the confines of cultural and religious differences. By embracing our oneness as a global human family, the interdependency of all life as well as our universal interconnectedness, we have a chance to heal and transform the planet’s current state of woundedness ”. – Martina Hoffmann