Paintings by Nathalie Armand

Nathalie Armand was born in Bagnols-sur-Cèze in France on June 15, 1965. She is a painter of emotions, which she translates through portraits with looks of astonishing intensity and sublimated bodies.

In fact, her love for the sacred feminine leads her to express the full range of her creativity. The tones are sometimes soft, sometimes lively. Like a choir director, the artist makes the colors sing in subtle harmonies and vibrations.

Her works has received numerous awards, including the silver medal at the Academy of Arts, Sciences and Letters. She has exhibited in several national and international galleries, as well as at contemporary art fairs. Nathalie Armand, thanks to her painting, manages to show that it is the color and the shapes themselves which are at the essence of everything. Her work “femininity” was presented in the magazine Univers des arts in July / August 2014.