Paintings by Richard van Mensvoort

Richard van Mensvoort painting Richard van Mensvoort (1972) makes realistic impressionist oil paintings with subjects such as people, animals and the environment, in which his interest in light and atmosphere is remarkable.

Dutchman Richard van Mensvoort was born in 1972 and, as a child, was interested with drawing anything that caught his eye. People, animals, everyday life…

He studied Advertising and Presentation to make a career as a visualiser for a number of advertising agencies before he got restless and decided to travel the world. Somewhere between Australia and Malaysia he realised that painting was his calling.

Richard still gets inspired by the same subjects that attracted him as a child. As a modern impressionist, he captures every day life in oil. He lives and works in the scenic Dutch village Megen, but he considers the world as his playground.

A number of galleries show his work in expositions and at artfairs. For example Affordable Art Fair London, Milano, Amsterdam.