Paintings by Sebastian Wandl

Sebastian Wandl Painting Sebastian Wandl aka Wandal is a contemporary artist, muralist and sculpture artist.

As soon as you speak with painter Sebastian Wandl, one of the top photorealistic artists of Germany it is instantly obvious that he is an optimistic free spirit. When he starts to talk about his artistic evolution it becomes evident that his artistic path is shaped by a good portion of luck and a whole lot of hard work.

His contemporary art tells stories of our time and it reflects his curiosity and accurate observation skills. It is obvious that he found his artistic medium within paintings and drawings as well as painting murals around the world. He is constantly trying to improve his technique in all aspects of his work. Sebastian Wandl is very aware that art means more labor behind the scenes than most viewers will acknowledge in the end. Thus, he fills a vast number of sketchbooks until topics start to evolve that can be used for future works, murals and other works of his art.

Similar to biographies of other contemporary artists, Sebastian showed early on an interest for forms, colors and creativity, however, this passion was accompanied at the same time by doubts and fears of financial stability. His countless travels are feeding him with new ideas, which lead to new topics. On these journeys his sketchbook is a constant companion where he sketches people with quick lines or remembers situations that might lead to new pieces and in creating new mural wallpapers in Munich or around the globe.