Włodzimierz Kukliński painting

Paintings by Włodzimierz Kukliński

Włodzimierz Kukliński – artist, painter and book illustrator. His works resemble rebuses, they always consist of several layers of visual and meaning that interpenetrate. Their content is much deeper. The meaning is constituted between the elements of different realities.

This fact is not the only feature linking Włodek’s work with surrealists. The influence of psychoanalysis is much more important here. He works primarily with oils and his paintings often depict young women in thoughtful contemplation. Wlodzimierz loves illustrating fairy tales, historical books, and detective stories. “ Painting is most important to me – it’s a cliche, but it is. I cannot imagine that something could fascinate me so much in life. It is the axis around which everything in my world revolves.

Many artists made big impression on me, however when I was a child I adored polish outstanding artist – Jan Matejko. I wanted to paint knights with swords like him. Later, I was amazed when I saw paintings of the Henri Toulouse Lautrec”. Kuklinski Says

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