Paintings by Alan Fearnley

Alan Fearnley was born in Yorkshire in 1942 and studied at Batley College of Art. After college, he worked for several years as an illustrator at a commercial studio, after which he went on an independent voyage. In 1974, Fearnley became a member of the Aviation Artists Guild, and was awarded the BAC Trophy and Quantas Trophy for his work on aviation. A little later, Fearnley accepted into the guild of railway artists and the Royal Society of Marinists.

But over the past twenty years, classic and racing cars have become the main source of inspiration for Alan Fearnley. He has created more than a hundred paintings on this subject, more than 70,000 copies of his works have been sold worldwide, three books have been published on the work of Fearnley. The artist writes the bulk of his paintings in the style of impressionism, using oil and acrylic paints. Subsequently, his most popular paintings became the basis for prints, posters, albums, calendars, etc.