Paintings by Antonio Sgarbossa

Antonio Sgarbossa Painting - Antonio Sgarbossa was born in Fontaniva, near Venice, in 1945. At the age of 11 his parents directed him towards an artistic career through apprenticeship in a local ceramic laboratory.

Antonio Sgarbossa was born in 1945 in Fontaniva. His work experience began at the age of 12 when a ceramics workshop opened near his house. There, young painters painted views of tourist destinations on the ceramic plates, especially Venice, the most famous and most visited city in the Veneto.

His parents did not hesitate to encourage him in this and so during the school holidays Antonio was able to enjoy a pleasurable and exciting experience, allowing his natural vocation as a painter to emerge with astrong interest in ways of communicating and the discovery of light, as well as figurative and abstract art.

In the 1970s he took part for the first time in the Art Fair in Padua and exhibited his paintings in the Art Gallery “Il Tempo” , Conselve, where he met the art critic Paolo Rizzi. On this occasion he was also introduced to various local Veneto and national Italian gallery owners including the painter and gallery owner Cesare Rotini, also known as Metastasio, with whom he was later to develop a good working relationship.