Paintings by Lily Moses

Lily Moses Painting Lily Moses is the illustrator of two bestselling oracle card decks, The Angels and Ancestors oracle and the Keepers of the Light oracle with Author Kyle Gray, published by Hay House UK.

Lily Moses is a self taught artist who began manifesting her visions through art at a very early age. Her art became a sanctuary where she could retreat and express her innermost feelings.

Her passion for drawing was so great that she was sketching detailed images well before she could write her own name. Born in New Zealand, she moved to Australia at the age of 12, and now has a studio in the foothills of Wollumbin, an ancient shield volcano in the beautiful rainforest setting of far northern New South Wales.

Her artworks are created with a combination of acrylics, pencils and gold leaf embellishments, using a process that she has taught herself after years of practicing and perfecting her method. Lily’s work is deeply encoded with symbolism drawn from the dream state, intuitively deciphered and then imbued within the art, telling a story for those who have eyes to see.