Karin Zeller lives in Melbourne, Australia, where she has worked as an artist for the past 18 years. Born in Germany, in 1956, Karin was 11 years old when her family moved to Ontario, Canada, where they lived on a farm. She always loved drawing and art, ever since she was a little girl, and it was always assumed that she would become an artist one day.

Anatoly Metlan was born in 1964 in Yalta, a city in southern Ukraine on the northern coast of the Black Sea. As the son of artistic parents, Metlan’s creativity was fostered at a young age. He pursued a formal education to hone his artistic skills, graduating from the local arts high school in 1985 and later attending the Krivoi Rog University in Ukraine.

Lucy Grossmith’s paintings are inspired by the Suffolk countryside (England) and its wildlife. ”I grew up in the countryside so I have always been surrounded and inspired by nature. One of my favourite things to do is walk…I sketch and make mental notes whilst out and about which then become ingredients for my paintings – a hare dashing across my path, wildflowers swishing in the breeze, birds singing in the hedgerows.