Born on May 23, 1968 in Sofia (Bulgaria), talented artist Victoria Stoyanova has created a gallery of fantasy paintings reflecting the mystery of female beauty. According to her biography, before starting her artistic career in 1997 Victoria worked very successfully as a fashion designer. In her colorful paintings she sets light and darkness in harmony, and here human warmth and wisdom dominate. Somewhat kaleidoscopic, her technique is harmonious change of light and darkness, colors and plots, where the human body is always in the forefront. Victoria’s paintings revere old traditions, a hint of long-standing wisdom and reproach to modern aesthetics, which appeared at the end of the XX century.

Kat Fedora is an artist from the Northeast United States. She is a ”painting sorceress and nature child from the North,” as she herself said. She is a forest girl at heart and a believer in magic and adventure. Her paintings tell stories about the place where the mysteries of the universe meet gently with nature and humankind.