Meaning of Life - Answers from World Religions and Philosophy

The Meaning of Life | Answers from World Religions and Philosophy

The meaning of life is a philosophical question concerning the significance of life or existence in general. It can also be expressed in different...
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Who is GOD - What do all religions have in common

Who is GOD? | What do all religions have in common?

”I am a Muslim, a Hindu, a Christian, and a Jew— and so are all of you” – MAHATMA GANDHI.  ”I am neither Christian,...
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Gustav Bauernfeind Art ⓖ

Paintings by Gustav Bauernfeind

Gustav Bauernfeind (4 September 1848, Sulz am Neckar – 24 December 1904, Jerusalem) was a German painter, illustrator and architect of partly Jewish origin....
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Paintings by Zeng Hao(曾浩)

Zeng Hao was born in Zigong (China), 1970. He is currently the vice president of the Chinese Buddhist Artists Association. His works have been...
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Kuan Yin-Goddess of Mercy

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Beauty | Reflection of the Divine

What is beauty? Why does beauty attract us so much? Neoplatonism is based upon an axiomatic presupposition that the world that we experience through our senses is not the real world. Behind it lies something that is more real than it is, which in turn, is based upon something that is still even more real than it, so that the Most Real is quite removed from what we ordinarily experience. It is a theme found in ancient Greek philosophy and in numerous Hindu writers throughout the centuries. It is a theme of great historical importance in the intellectual history of the West, and India, and one that is not inconsistent with, and is even relatively amenable to, the major ideologies of the Greeks, Indians, Hebrews, Romans, Christians and Muslims.One distinctive feature of the Neoplatonic interpretation of this theme is a mapping or ranking of reality into a series of levels of reality so that anything at any given lower level is only relatively real. It can be concretely real as an individual thing while also being real as a lower level of something of a higher level.

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Featured Artist: Koukei Kojima

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