Marina Marina Igorevna was born in 1970 in a small city called Tambov, in rural Russia. She started playing the piano at a very early age and was accepted in a special school for musically gifted children at the age of seven. After graduating from both musical and comprehensive school at 17, Marina went to work in order to earn a little money to continue her musical and general education in a college.

Born in Amiens in 1968, Nathalie Picoulet began a career in portrait paintings in 1993. Nathalie Picoulet studied at The University of Plastic Arts and followed higher education of drawing at L Ecole Superieur of design in Amiens. “My interest in the nude, draped and dimly lit, was born out of my special interest in Italian painting,” says French artist Nathalie Picoulet of her pastel painting interests. “Especially Leonardo da Vinci.

Lluís Rizzo Rey was born in Barcelona in 1959, 15 minutes after his twin brother Josep. He had the good luck of growing up with his parents, parental grandparents, brother and five sisters, in an environment that was humble but full of fascination for culture. Since he was seven years old, Lluís already exhibited a passion for art, and he was drawing every minute he could, whenever he did not need to study.