Igor V. Volosnikov, better known by its abbreviated name Igor Volos was born 1964 in the Ural mountains at Kirov (Russia). He graduated there from the Schools of Art and of Higher Art before teaching as senior artist at the RKhMC Prior to that he studied monumental art in MGPU (named after Stroganov) as well as Restoration of monumental painting, after which he helped restore a temple in Sao Paulo (Brazil) built bythe Bibikovs, a family of royal nobility.

Sergio Cerchi was born in Florence, where he still lives and works and where he received a diploma from the Porta Romana Art Institute and has attended courses at the Cherubini Conservatory. His education included, from its beginnings when he was very young, interconnected experiences in music and the visual arts.

Alex Alemany has made a living as a painter since finishing his studies in Fine Arts in San Carlos de Valencia, having gone through a useful training at the School of Arts and Crafts. He was born in Gandía in 1943, and followed the usual trajectory in the plastic creators of that time, embarking on the avant-garde towards abstract expressionism. Until 1975 he found his own poetic sensibility, fueled by the magical realism of literature and portraiture.