Wang Yidong ( 王沂東 ) | Artist

Wang Yidong ( 王沂東 )

Wang Yidong was born in Penglai County, Shandong Province (China) on May 11, 1955, in a rural village in southern Shandong (China) with simple folk customs and picturesque mountains and rivers. The landscape of his hometown gave him an artistic temperament with a strong rustic flavor and profound spiritual connotation. His works affectionately reflect the hot land he deeply loves. He is able to integrate the exquisite techniques of Western classical oil painting with the aesthetic connotation of Chinese national culture, and successfully reproduces his unique artistic style. His works are fine and rigorous, with clear modeling lines and structure. Wang Yidong belongs to the first group of Returned Chinese Artists from America. Upon returning to China, he began to convert himself to a style that vibrantly expresses the Yimeng Mountain Area’s traditional culture that are his roots. Today, renowned Contemporary Art Museums and Private Collectors from all over the world collect his works.