Watercolor paintings by Jung hun-sung

Jung hun-sung watercolor painting Jung hun-sung was born in 1971 in Yeosu, Korea. Unfortunately, this is all the information I have about this artist. But you can visit his YouTube page as well Facebook page. You can find a lot of videos on his youtube page showing how he creates his paintings.

Jung hun-sung was born in 1971 in Yeosu, Korea.

In fine art painting, the term ‘Watercolour’ denotes a painting medium in which colour pigments are bound in water-soluble agents. Originally, these binders were animal glues or certain sugars, but nowadays the standard substance is gum arabic. Most watercolor artworks are watercolor paintings. However, watercolor is also used in illustrations, drawings, and mixed media artworks.

The technique of water-based painting dates to ancient times, and belongs to the history of many cultures in the world. In the West, European artists used watercolor to decorate illuminated manuscripts and to color maps in the Middle Ages, and to make studies from nature and portrait miniatures during the Renaissance. When the Western world began to mass produce paper, the medium took on a whole new dimension of creativity.