Rajkumar Sthabathy Watercolor painting

Watercolor paintings by Rajkumar Sthabathy

One of the many pleasant suprises of India was finding the talented artist Rajkumar Sthabathy working in a studio on the outskirts of the international city of Auroville. This artist has managed to capture the essence of India in his work.

One glance at the faces of his subjects, be it a rickshaw driver, fish seller or water carrier is to be transported to the scenes so familiar. So invocotive are his paintings that one can almost feel the heat, start to brush away the dust, the flies, smell the chapatis and hear the sound of street vendors. This is how Peter Kewin, artist from england described him. Rajkumar says: ”I feel immense love and respect when I see our ordinary humans for what they are. They travel my mental prism to, for no reason magically materialize, forcing me to design and register them picturesquely, bestowing eternal peace upon me! Else, being emotionless belittles (myself) my “self.” I lose coherence and harmony if I just be an art catalyst without being affected from my contemporary events and time. I consider that this is my Voice!…., my Language!…, and my Signature!!……….which I am able to paint ONLY in Watercolor!! Who does all this?… me?… Certainly not! AN astral nature who seems to sing the music of depiction sitting on a chair in front of me gracefully moves the brush in my hand and spreads the color of beauty on the canvas dawning shapes and structures making a blissful, lively, intervening white spaces along with marvelous shades of colors! …………and an act beyond my control, just allows me to endorse my sign as… – RAJKUMAR STHABATHY”

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