Wang Ming Yue | Realist painter

Wang Ming Yue

Wang Ming Yue, born in 1962 in Beijing. He graduated at the Chinese Central Academy of Fine Arts in 1991. He is a professional oil painter. “Beijing Trends”, an exhibition held by the China Arts Gallery in 1995, featured three of his paintings, “March”, “Red Coral” and “Tibetan Child”. Some of his works were presented in the China Fine Arts magazine and other publications. He has received invitations to exhibit his work in numerous national and international exhibitions.

He has also been invited by auction houses to sell his works. His paintings are found in art museums and private collections. In 2000, he was invited to make a portrait of former British Prime Minister Edward Heath. In 2004, he made an individual exhibition in the United Kingdom All the artwork presented in “Spirit of Flower Dream” were sold on the first opening day. In 2004, his work “Finding Spring” was presented in “Traveling on the same road”, exhibition on October 15, 2004, and received a lot of media attention.