Konstantin Kacev | Artist

Konstantin Kacev

Konstantin Kacev, born in the former USSR, is a painter who is currently living and working in Skopje in the Republic of Macedonia. He paints realistic figurative scenes that contemporary life with a surreal twist. For many years he had worked at the Republic’s Department of Culture and Conservation specializing in protection of monuments as a freelance wall painting conservator. Since 1999 he has moved in his studio and participates in many exhibitions across Macedonia and several independent exhibitions in Paris and New York in 2005.

In terms of style, Kachev adopts a formal, classical painterly approach that is inspired by the paintings of the Old Masters, yet his subject matter explores contemporary preoccupations and imagery. His canvases combine depictions of the human form painted in a hyperrealistic style with backgrounds that are left deliberately unfinished so as to highlight the physicality of the painting process.