Alexey Golovin Painter

Creative activity of Alexey Golovin, whose range of interests in art is wholly determined by the classical tradition, to our mind, serves as a good illustration to the above considerations. Stylistics of classicism offers the author a ready repertoire of forms allowing to create mythological structures, ideally able for universal explanation of reality. This is especially topical in connection with the mythologyzation of the modern culture space, the reason of which is the suitability of myth to psychological mechanisms of mass consciousness. Two spheres are correlated with each other in the space of commonness: the sphere of mass stereotypes on the one hand, and the sphere of individual – on the other hand. This duality assists the culture in addressing to the mythological models which normalize relations of a person and a society.

” The most important thing in painting for me is beauty. You can choose an awful subject, a tragedy, but you must try to paint a picture plastically beautiful and expressive. This is quite a difficult problem. But the more difficult the problem is, the more interesting it is to solve it. The constant source of inspiration is Greek mythology. It offers a huge number of subjects for an artist. In history of arts there are many works on the themes of myths and legends. Artists of different countries and epochs addressed these subjects in their creative work. I admire paintings of old masters. They contain everything that I like in painting and that induce me to create. When selecting a classical subject for a picture, I try to make a new, modern interpretation. But at the same time I do not decline traditional manner and technique of painting. – Alexey Golovin ”