Adak Jamshidzadeh | Surrealist painter

Adak Jamshidzadeh

An Iranian artist is breathing fresh air to modern art by creating paintings using Turkish coffee as watercolor on canvas. Painter Adak Jamshidzadeh explained that his work was unique because, “There are other artists who use coffee but they use either coffee grounds or watercolor paint.” Jamshidzadeh claims to be the only such artist in the world and said that the art of painting with coffee in this manner was exclusively his own. “After I draw with coffee, I varnish the painting and the coffee doesn’t spill at all. These paintings have a surreal style. I don’t imagine a painting in my mind, sometimes even other people are spilling the coffee. A third eye is needed to make these paintings,” the Iranian artist said. Jamshidzadeh added that the process of painting was usually impromptu; meaning that what he drew often depended on the organic shape taken by the spilled coffee.