Gennadiy Koufay | Erotic Paintings

Gennadiy Koufay, Painting, Gemälde, La pintura, la peinture

Gennadiy Koufay was born in 1961 in Sevastopol, on the picturesque coast of the Black Sea. Creative imagination and ingenuity Gennadiy inherited from his father, a brilliant engineer – inventor.

From an early age, he went to an art studio and at the same time to a music school. Later, he graduated from the Sevastopol Art College.

It should be noted that the theater played a significant role in the life of Gennadiy. After a successful debut in a theatrical production of Mowgli, twenty-year-old Gennadiy was appointed chief decorator of the Sevastopol Theater. Simultaneously with his work in the theater, Gennadiy experimented with modeling clothes, and in 1986 he opened his own production.

This experience helped him a lot later in New York, where he ended up in December 1995. Then Gennadiy moved to Key West, Florida, where he worked as a freelance artist and created several original art projects. Some of them, such as the entries for the Key West Festivals in 1996, 1997, were highly acclaimed and received extensive press coverage. Now Gennadiy Koufay, having gained financial independence, lives in Florida, and creates illustrations in the PinUp style.