John Rowe | Artist

John Rowe

” As narratives we are all unique. As humans we are all connected. As spirits we are all one. That is the subject matter of my paintings. ”  – John Rowe

John Rowe is a well known fine artist and illustrator, and has produced hundreds of paintings for a variety of fortune 500 companies, worldwide brands, and other widely known organizations.

Rowe was raised in West Covina California and graduated from Edgewood High School. He attended Art Center College of Design.Rowe’s paintings have appeared on movie posters, books, billboards, magazines and advertisements throughout the country and around the world. Rowe has been an established freelance artist for 20 years.He served as president of the Society of Illustrators in Los Angeles. Rowe has designed and worked for many book publishers including Simon & Schuster Random House, McMillian Publishing and Harper Collins. His clients have included Disney, National Geographic, United Nations, Mattel, United Airlines, and Nestle to name a few. His work has hung in many galleries and exhibitions across the country.