Amy Judd | Artist

Amy Judd (Born in 1982) is a London-based painter. Her paintings are a collection of sensitive silent moments; some full of whimsical intrigue, others more surreal and seductive.  Inspired by Mythologies and folklore her pieces capture surreal stories of women and nature. Her work always strives to be striking, beautiful and feminine.

Amy Judd hjas always ben drawn to life drawing and capturing the female form. It wasn’t until after seeing Swan Lake at the Royal Opera House that her work shift, captivated by Odette’s transformation to and from a swan. The work has always drawn inspiration from woman’s connection with natured, especially in folklore and mythology. Her figures are depicted in many different ”narratives”: they can be powerful or vulnerable, seen with a sense of whimsy or smouldering sensuality, just as in traditional mythologies.

All figures are anonymous, never looking at the viewer. They have an ambiguity about them, often physically obscured with feathers, big blooms and petals. The compositions are full of intrigue and always an attempt to make something beautiful