Liu Yuanshou | Figurative painter

Liu Yuanshou | 刘元寿

Liu Yuanshou, is a contemporary Chinese realist artist. He was born in Beijing in 1967. His realistic paintings have been repeatedly shown and won prestigious awards. He earned a degree in oil painting from the Capital Normal University of Beijing in 1991. He is also a member of the Chinese Oil Painting Artists Association and the Beijing Chinese Artists Association which are nationally recognized organization for artists.

With the words of Liu Yuanshou: ” The main expressions of my paintings are red cloth and women, both are complicated. Sometimes red is warm and sometimes very desolate. I want to express my understanding and feeling of womens through my paintings. I think that realistic paintings can be done very contemporary, not necessarily realistic. We live in a contemporary society, and our thinking is contemporary, and our lives are also contemporary, so it depends on how we apply it. Just as writers want to express their thoughts and feelings with words, painters must express their thoughts with painting. My paintings are presented to the audience in series, not just one by two, but also a group of paintings expressing a theme, which will be more powerful. ” – Liu Yuanshou