Linda Adair | Artist

Linda Adair

” Creating a quiet narrative with a little mystery is something I am always trying to achieve. My hope is to create works that communicate emotions that are universal, from experiences and shared histories. I gravitate to the beauty of realism with the added element of narrative” B. 1980, Canada. Lives and works in Paris, France. Linda is a representational painter whose work explores beauty, sensuality, and intimacy.

Through her detailed work and suggested narratives she aims to communicate awareness, emotions, experiences, memories, the beauty and wonder of the human soul, and a searching for comfort and familiarity in the unknown. Each person portrayed in her work, is telling a story about the life of the person, the emotion of that moment in time, their world surrounding them, and a warm sense of the human condition and its uniqueness. Stories both real and imagined are what shape her work and give it a familiar yet unique quality. Works held in private collections in Canada, the United States, UK, Germany and Australia.