Jeff Echevarria drawing

Jeff Echevarria

Jeff Echevarria is an artist and designer based out of New Jersey. He works traditionally, his primary media being charcoal powder and Panpastels. Having graduated from Spectrum Institute For The Advertising Arts many lifetimes ago, Jeff has been freelancing in design and illustration ever since. His artistic journey has run the gamut of wine label design to tattoo design and illustrations for such companies as White Wolf Games, Dragon Magazine, Ars Magica and Game Of Thrones Compendium.

Abdelhalim Kebieche painting

Abdelhalim Kebieche

Algerian painter Abdelhalim Kebieche is a visual artist who is known for his expressionist work. An artistic movement that tends to represent with emotion the vices of society in a deeply subjective way. A graduate of the National Superior School of Fine Arts in Algiers, Abdelhalim Kebieche has held multiple national and international exhibitions since 1994.

Jeremy Winborg painting

Jeremy Winborg

Jeremy Winborg is best known for his figurative work of Native American subjects that blend realism with abstract backgrounds. Winborg has had a passion for creating art since he was a child. He grew up in Utah working in an art studio alongside his father who was an illustrator. Winborg began receiving awards and honors at a young age. “Being an artist was the only profession I ever considered when I was growing up.”

Jacob Brostrup painting

Jacob Brostrup

Jacob Brostrup (f.1973) Lives and work in Odsherred, Denmark and Barcelona, Spain. Within the last 10 years, the work of Brostrups has placed itself in the field of semi-realistic painters in Denmark. His works are coloristic, vibrant and the many details grab the viewer and plunges him in the vivid paintings.

Tim Shorten painting

Tim Shorten

Tim Shorten was born in Bolton, Lancs. He studied at Bolton College of Art & Design, Preston Polytechnic Department of Fine Art (now UCLan), and Leeds Polytechnic (Leeds Beckett University). He was Head of Art and Design at Altrincham Grammar School for Boys in Cheshire until 2017, and is now a full-time painter.

Shane Berkery painting

Shane Berkery

Shane Keisuke Berkery is an Irish-Japanese contemporary artist based in Dublin, Ireland. His cultural background has been a major influence on his work and is a frequent theme in his paintings Berkery primarily works out of his studio in Dublin and is represented by The Molesworth Gallery.

Michel Ogier painting

Michel Ogier

Michel Ogier was born on the 19th December in St Etienne in France, 1960. He is a magician of colour and light, he questions because his imaginary world is creative. Lucid about existence, he questions because his reflection allows us to glimpse a truth that is as luminous as it is unbearable: the human condition!

Nataša Bezić painting

Nataša Bezić

Nataša Bezić was born on 1966. She graduated in graphics in the class of prof.Josip Butković (Faculty of Pedagogy Art- Rijeka, Croatia) in 1989 and gained the title of the professor of fine arts. She is engaged in painting, teaching activities in primary and secondary school in Buie, where she currently lives and works.

John Cooney painting

John Cooney

''I am an artist living in Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland. I was born in Newry, Co. Down but have lived most of my life close to Belfast. I went to art college in Belfast and Manchester, achieving a first class honours degree in illustration.'' - John Cooney

Voka painting


Voka, born 1965, lives and works in the Lower Austrian town of Puchberg am Schneeberg. He coined the term “Spontaneous Realism” as a trademark for his art. Voka defines this style as a revival of the significance of contemporary art, a valued tradition in a new era, with a new interpretation reflecting today ́s spirit of the time.