Amanda Clark Fantasy painting


With her words '' I live in a small village called Shalford in England. My home is 2 minutes walk away from a beautiful woodland that I love to explore and go for my dawn walks. This time of day, just as the blackbirds start to sing, is my favourite time for strolling through the woodland of oaks, beech and birch. Wild flowers such as bluebells fill the woods with a heavenly hue in the Spring and the wild life is busy raising their young. All of the seasons here fill me with inspiration and dreams for painting. While walking in this magical place, I'm in the company of deer, crows, a fox or two, sometimes a glimpse of badgers and hares speeding across the open fields from the woodland edge with a swoop of a flying owl over head. ''

Bijay Biswaal Acrylic painting


The self taught railwayman with an unbridled passion for painting, who has successfully carried his passion to national and international level. His technical perfection in his trade has left art lovers ... Connoisseurs and art critics gasping for more : Water Color, Acrylic, Oil pastel, Collage, Cartoon, Caricature. He has left his own mark in all the genre and medium. He always maintains his best is yet to come. ''Art is where my heart is, cant think of living a day in my life without painting. I have been painting since my childhood,lack of any qualifications or degree from any art college has not been an impediment in my career as an artist. I am fully self taught artist and am fiercely proud of it. Nature is my muse, I am attached to nature. Hence, you will find its presence in most of my works. ''

Johnny Popkess Painting


With his words ''Born in London, I spent much of my early life in various fairly remote parts of Africa, developing a fondness for beauty in its most natural state - as things really are, rather than as they are often made to appear. This early, exotic isolation fed a great desire to travel widely and experience a world of blemished beauty, culminating in a move to the heart of Paris, within a stone's throw of the Sorbonne, the Louvre and my neighbour, the Musee d'Orsay, from where a love of art proved irresistible. 2011 was my debut year as a professional artist, one that saw my first solo exhibitions. ''

Raffaele Fiore Painting


Raffaele Fiore was born in Naples (Italy) on August 13, 1961. He began to paint at a very young age, following an inclination that emerged among the school desks and soon turned into a passion. The effective entry into the world of art and painting was in Turin in the early 1980s. His desire to represent reality by updating the teaching of the great masters of the past leads him to enhance the expressive potential of a naturally versatile and refined pictorial manual skill through a careful and constant study of color, techniques, composition and light.

Kostiantyn Shyptia sensual painting


Kostiantyn Shyptia believes that paintings are a window into another reality. The Ukrainian artist, born in 1975, wants to portray human feelings, desires, and inner aspirations in his works. Through his paintings, Shyptia conveys the beauty of this world and its creations, as well as allegories, riddles, and mystical experiences. His creative process begins with drawings, and after having settled the compositions and colors, he transfers the image onto canvas.

Rajkumar Sthabathy Watercolor painting


One of the many pleasant suprises of India was finding the talented artist Rajkumar Sthabathy working in a studio on the outskirts of the international city of Auroville. This artist has managed to capture the essence of India in his work. One glance at the faces of his subjects, be it a rickshaw driver, fish seller or water carrier is to be transported to the scenes so familiar. So invocotive are his paintings that one can almost feel the heat, start to brush away the dust, the flies, smell the chapatis and hear the sound of street vendors. This is how Peter Kewin, artist from england described him.

Liu Yunsheng Watercolor painting


Liu Yunsheng was born in Laizhou City (China), Shandong Province in 1937. He graduated from the Oil Painting Department of Shandong University of Arts in 1963. He is now a member of the Chinese Artists Association, a member of the Sichuan Artists Association, and a national first-class artist. From 1963 until retirement, he was a researcher at the China Academy of Engineering Physics. After his retirement he devoted himself to watercolor paintings.

Silvio Porzionato Painting


Silvio Porzionato was born in Moncalieri (Italy) in 1971. He is a figurative painter who prefers oil painting on large canvases using photographs taken of friends and people he met on the street who inspired him. His statuesque close-up figures, despite being ordinary people, have the strength to make us forget the private dimension typical of the portrait and at the same time have the power to become icons of the human race.

Alexey Golovin Sensual painting


Creative activity of Alexey Golovin, whose range of interests in art is wholly determined by the classical tradition, to our mind, serves as a good illustration to the above considerations. Stylistics of classicism offers the author a ready repertoire of forms allowing to create mythological structures, ideally able for universal explanation of reality. This is especially topical in connection with the mythologyzation of the modern culture space, the reason of which is the suitability of myth to psychological mechanisms of mass consciousness. Two spheres are correlated with each other in the space of commonness: the sphere of mass stereotypes on the one hand, and the sphere of individual – on the other hand.

Tony Quimbel surrealism painting


Tony Quimbel is a boundless admirer of the wonderful beauty of nature, inspired by the romantic masters of the 19th century. His paintings invite the viewer to enter the canvas and simply blend in with pleasure. Since a long time, Tony is in a more committed step, in front of the urgency of the safeguard of our so beautiful planet which suffers and that it is more than time to respect and to save, because the sanction will be simple ... our disappearance.