Amahi MORI ( 森 天飛 ) is a Japanese artist. “ I want the human figure in my artwork to seem real. While drawing, I am aware of my own physical sensations. That energy is then transferred into the form that manifests on my canvas. Recognizing that, I am reminded of my own existence – which is important – but it’s not the only thing that matters.

Maja Borowicz, an artist passionate about industrial design and futuristic architecture. She creates a realistic and surreal images for paintings, movies and illustrations. The world of Maja Borowicz on the one hand is firmly rooted in reality and from the other she is opening the event exceeding experience. In this way, the paintings are saturated with existential symbolism of magical realism involving the innermost and the most profound experiences of human existence.

Hasan Saygın was born in 1958 in the Karamanlı district of Burdur (Turkey). He spent his childhood in primary and secondary school in Karamanlı. In those years, while he was working with his family in the beet, anise, onion and wheat fields during the summer holidays, he was always interested in painting.