Igor Shulman

Igor Andrianov (date of birth – 29th of February, 1959) is better known as Shulman, the trade mark name with which he signs his artwork. He has exhibited in over 30 art shows. Russia, Czech, Sweden, France, and Holland are but a few of the countries his art works have been featured in galleries and exhibitions.

His art is fond in, galleries, homes and offices in over 50 countries including Great Britain, Spain, Germany, USA, Canada, Italy, France, Belgium, Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, Australia, Austria, England, China, Japan, Bahrain, Mexico, New Zealand, Brazil, Costa Rica, and Czech. Born on the banks of the Volga River in Russia’s oldest town Kalinin (now Tver) in 1959.

He graduated from the Art College, Venezianov. The passion of life expresses itself though out his art. His life experiences of working as a dock hand, seaman, builder, truck driver, businessman all have influences on his artistic view point. He has resided in Prague with his family for the last several years. He views Prague as the most inspirational city in Europe for artists. For more information, visit his official website: shulmanart.com