Tony Quimbel | Surrealist painter

Tony Quimbel

Tony Quimbel is a boundless admirer of the wonderful beauty of nature, inspired by the romantic masters of the 19th century. His paintings invite the viewer to enter the canvas and simply blend in with pleasure. Since a long time, Tony is in a more committed step, in front of the urgency of the safeguard of our so beautiful planet which suffers and that it is more than time to respect and to save, because the sanction will be simple … our disappearance.

“In the way of the alchemist who, in the dead of night recasts the stone, again and again … I’m looking to achieve “great work” the work that makes us immortal, which crosses the ages. While this is probably unattainable, the will is fundamental and represents a goal that everyone should want to achieve, to make sense and inspire an unfailing motivation in our short lives. “