Carla Grace Art ⓖ


Carla Grace is a self taught artist with a love for wildlife and beautiful, high quality art work. Born in South Africa, Carla has immigrated 5 times and currently lives in Australia. With a childhood that was dominantly based in Africa, she was able to experience wildlife in a way that has become the foundation of her vision: Where wildlife breathes through art.

PichiAvo Art ⓖ


PichiAvo (Pichi, b. 1977; Avo, b. 1985) is a duo of artists from Valencia (Spain). Recognised for their skill at creating connections between painting and sculpture in urban settings, they adopt a thoroughly innovative approach in their artistic fusions. A balanced combination of classical art and the most contemporary urban art can be identified in their work. From the outset PichiAvo shunned artistic individuality, joining forces to create an absolutely unique body of work using a conceptually urban idiom, both in the street and in the studio.

Ennio Montariello Art ⓖ


Ennio Montariello born May 1960 in Naples (Italy). In 1978 he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples.His works are the pleasant result of a mixture between hyperrealism and surrealism aimed mainly at the subject of the nude and the female portrait. In the early years of 2004, Montariello devoted himself to portraiture, honing and demonstrating his realistic representation skills in oil painting, focusing his attention on the details of clothing and on the face, which will be one of his favorite subjects in the years to come , as he had already shown at the beginning of his work.

Roman Velichko Art ⓖ


Roman Velichko was born in 1968 in Biysk (Russia). In 1993 he graduated from the Aircraft Institute, Flying Apparats Department in Harkov. His work is somewhat reminiscent of the painting style of Salvador Dali, but Roman's paintings are more cheerful. Most of them are permeated with a romantic spirit, the author tries to merge art and philosophy. His paintings show a certain state of mind, which makes us drown in our own thoughts, and in some cases become a participant in the plot under consideration.

Svetlana Valueva Art ⓖ


Svetlana Valueva was born in Moscow in 1966. She studied art at the Surikov Art School for seven years. After graduating from school, Svetlana studied art at the Surikov Moscow State Pedagogical Institute, and then spent a long internship at the Stuttgart Academy of Arts (Germany). ''I've always loved portraying women. Some images were born in my imagination. Each new face, so unique, appeared in the beginning in my imagination, and then I depicted it on canvas.''

V. V. Sapar Art ⓖ


V. V. Sapar, is a fine artist from India-Maharashtra. He speaks through colours, and tell stories through his canvas. In his words; ''I had developed an interest in this art at the very early stage of my life and since then I am worshipping and trying to master this art of colours to make my life worthwhile. I hold the degree of B.F.A. Fine art from J.J. School of Art, Mumbai. I have by far served a variety of clientele throughout the globe. I create paintings in Oil, Poster, Water colours, and also in dry mediums.

Maher Morcos Art_sacred sexuality_erotic religious art_erotic painting_erotic art


Morcos' style of beauty, elegance, and romance, is seductively intertwined with his masterful use of color, light, and drama. He was born in Egypt (1946) to an Italian father and Egyptian mother, and holds degrees in fine arts and architecture. He is also regarded as an accomplished saxophone player. From his evocative illumination of the female form, to the enchanting imagery of North America , Europe and the exotic mystery of the Middle East, resulting in the greatest masterpieces of our time.

Laurent Parcelier Art ⓖ


Laurent Parcelier was born in 1962 in Auvergne (France). After studying Applied Arts Duperré in Paris, he started in the comic. He published 8 albums at Casterman. Meanwhile he began to devote himself to painting. It exclusively since 1996. Since that date, after several shows and exhibitions he exhibited in several galleries in France and the USA. If we had two words, not one more set for the work of Laurent PARCELIER, it would be poetry and light.

Lucie Bilodeau Art ⓖ


Lucie Bilodeau was born in Montreal, Canada, in May 1967. She now lives with her husband in the United States, in Massachusetts, where she paints full-time. As a child, as soon as she was able to hold a pencil, she spent a good amount of her time drawing. Then one day, she watched her dad draw a fish from memory, and marveled at what he was doing, and how beautiful the drawing came out. This took her interest in drawing to a new level. She expressed her first serious interest in art when she was seven years old.

Walter Girotto Painting


Born under Taurus in a small northern Italian town called Rovigo and it was May 4th when his family moved to Turin (Italy) to seek their fortune. The only things he likes to remember about his town of origin are the branches of the weeping willow in the small garden, two tin soldiers and a picture of a whale, drawn at nursery school when he was 4, under the incredulous gaze of a nun who was unaware that her admiring glance was to decide his life as a painter.