Joseph Skala | Visionary painter

Joseph Skala

Joseph Skala has created his own unique style combining finely detailed representations of figures and objects with cosmic flowing energetic patterns of light. His dream-like art carries with it esoteric symbolism and mythical icons of divine spiritual beings. The depth in his use of color creates a sense of Old World Classical art. The architecture, the mystical creatures, and the human forms he creates on stretched canvas live in harmony with the misty swirling landscapes. Joseph blends the metaphysical and physical realms into one; Drawing inspiration from the structures of sacred temples and the vibratory ripples of energy that flow through all life forms. This common thread in Joseph’s art invites the viewers to tap into their imagination – to peer into the great mystery of the universe – and to remember that there are infinite realities within ourselves. “As a self-taught artist, I want to share the inspiration that flows through me. Art has impacted my life in many great ways, it is one of our greatest tools for telling the story of our evolution and transforming our own consciousness. I want to expand the ways art can change lives and transform and unite evolution physically, mentally, and emotionally” Joseph practices this philosophy in his life and in his art.