Diego Gravinese | Artist

Diego Gravinese

After a brief attendance at the National School of Fine Arts, at age 19, Diego Gravinese had his first exhibitions in Buenos Aires, first in the mythical Giesso Space, then the Casal de Catalunya, following the Ibero-American Cooperation Institute (ICI) and eventually at Ruth Benzacar gallery with which he worked for more than 10 years, and in which he made his iconic show “Surfer” in 1997. He would later move to NY where he made two successful solo shows in 1999 and 2001 with one of the first galleries in Chelsea, De Chiara-Stewart, with whom he would later show in Germany and the rest of Europe. In the following years he worked with other galleries in NY and BsAs, including ZavaletaLab and SlyZmud with whom he made his last individual show in the city.

Diego Gavinese’s work has mutated over the years, from a social critique influenced by the argentine Neo Figuración, the american pop and expressionism, the post-punk movement and the advent of the digital era, towards a more personal search joining a review of the history of figurative painting with an inner return to the search for the immanent mystery linked to the awakening of the feminine conscience, figuratively embodied in her Venus series of recent years.