Julia Ustinovich | Watercolor painter

She was born in the center of Siberia, in the city of Krasnoyarsk in 1984. From early childhood, she wanted to be an artist, so as soon as she was 8 years old, her parents sent her to a children’s art school. She graduated after 5 years with honors. But, unfortunately, she did not succeed in entering the Institute of Arts due to the difficult financial situation of my family. She did not have the courage and patience to continue trying.

” When I’m painting, I feel something special, like weightlessness or a sweet dream. I treat my soul with sun glare, bright faces, shadows, and bends…

Learning to love myself by painting the breathtaking beauty of others. I meditate by mixing paints, choosing paper, laying out tubes with paint, brushes and a palette. For some, this is commonplace, but for me there is still a miracle that gives delight. In 2016 our growing family decided to move to Poland. It was hard to start life from scratch – bureaucracy, a new language, the search for new customers, lack of friends.

We have done a great job over past years, gradually finding a new rhythm of life. Two years ago, I decided to make a gift to a person dear to my heart and painted her birthday portrait. I was afraid that my skills would not be enough to implement the idea. I was impressed by how many lessons were on the Internet, how knowledge was easily accessible. What failed at the art school was obtained in a matter of days. Body structure, color, work with materials – everything is simple and accessible told by people who are happy to share knowledge. And my gift was a success. Heart began to sing ”.  Julia Ustinovich