Silvio Porzionato | Figurative painter

Silvio Porzionato

Silvio Porzionato was born in Moncalieri (Italy) in 1971. He is a figurative painter who prefers oil painting on large canvases using photographs taken of friends and people he met on the street who inspired him. His statuesque close-up figures, despite being ordinary people, have the strength to make us forget the private dimension typical of the portrait and at the same time have the power to become icons of the human race. After an artistic high school diploma, he worked for a decade in design for an important Turin company, then decided to start a new life in the silence of the land of Roero (CN), in close intimate contact with nature and with the art.

It was a revelation that will immediately lead him to be noticed in the various national awards. After only one year he was selected for the Mondadori Art Prize and in 2010 he won the critics’ prize at Saluzzo Arte and created a permanent work for the Museum of Urban Art in Turin. In 2011 he was selected for the 54th Venice Biennale exhibiting both in the Piedmont regional pavilion and in the Italian Pavilion in Turin. In 2013 he created 3 installations “Codice Tempale” with 112 paintings for the MACS (Museum of Contemporary Art in Sicily), almost a gallery of mirrors that reflected the various ages of man from infancy to old age, all of the same intensity and significance. His latest group and solo exhibitions have been held in Hong Kong, Miami, Chicago, London, Paris, Bogotá, New York and Istanbul.