Valeri Tsvetkov | Hyperrealist Painter

Valeri Tsvetkov

Valeri Tsvetkov is a professional artist from Bulgaria. In 1990 he completed the education at the National Academy of Arts, Sofia and since then he is concerned with painting. He always liked to make his paintings hyperrealistic. Concretness in the shapes, pedantism in the details are typical for his paintings. ”…As genres, I mostly paint portraits, landscapes, still life, flowers, animals, compositions with people and nudes.  The most important thing for an artist is to impress with his individuality.

Art makes me happy and I would be pleased if with my paintings you feel all this feelings too. The long way I’ve passed as an artist is full of exibitions, prices and competitions for painting. Hundreds of my paintings belong to foreign privat collectors from all aroun the world-Germany, Italy, England, Holland, France, Spain, Belgium, USA, Canada etc…” – Valeri Tsvetkov